Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The 39 Clues. The Maze Of Bones

Today I started the book the thirty-nine Clues, The Maze Of Bones.
So far I am up almost up to chapter three, what is happening so far is that Aunt Beatrice is driving to Grace's funeral, everyone thinks that Aunt Beatrice is driving like a slow lunatic and she is clutching to the steering wheel.

Here is a photo of the book:

Thursday, 13 December 2012

My Minecraft A-Z

This is my A-Z presentation:

Iron bars
Jack o lantern
Nether portal
Pressure plate
Raw beef
Stone axe
Xtra Gold
Yellow wool

My Cat Art

This is my Cat Art,
 it is based on Paul Klee's art. It is very simple. These are the steps:
My cats name is Tiger because it looks like a tiger, I am very proud of it. My cat has a Water, Milk and some Salmon and Chicken mix food, oh and a bed!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The Eye

One day I was just strolling on the beach, relaxing and cooling down. I had a boring day. I hope I would find something to cheer me up or to give me something to do. So I carried on walking and then I found........

A shell underneath a piece of reddish driftwood. I carried on again. An eye , an eye. What in the world did this come from, a squid or a whale? I don't want to know. Is this weird or what. I went over to the policeman and showed him, he said that it was either a squid eye or a whale eye. I ran home and asked Mum if I could go round the block on my bike, and she said yes. So I ran to the Museum, I lied. I went in the door and gave it to the person at the front desk.

She said what is this and I told her I do not know. So I just left it on the desk and ran home, phew just in time for dinner. The next day Mum and Dad read the Museum weekly and saw the eye and said well I wonder who found that.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Smurf Olympians!

These are my Smurf Olympians! They were made on Comic Life, Comic Life is a program that you can make comics on. It was very fun making these Smurf Olympians because we got to make it all a comic.

Main Smurf  Comic

One Direction Maths Song

Secret Agent Prof Freak (short play)

Secret Agent Prof Freak

Sound effects:  Cercccch  
Captain:  “Come in Professor Freak.”
Professor:  “Yes captain.”
Captain:   “ I have another mission for you.“
Professor:   “What is i?t”
Captain:  “You need to get into the music stadium.”
Professor:  “I got my backpack,my underwater spy camera, my d-17 spy  Lazar, my long camera scope that goes down tunnels and connects to my watch, also my jet pack and then finally my belt with 97 buttons they all control more gadgets. And how are you planing to get me in?”
Captain:  “Well I made a new gadget called the freactionator panel.”
Professor: “What does it do cap?”’
Captain:  “It freezes everything around you”
Professor:  “OK Cap.”
Display Mint: The professor hops in his agent mobile and takes off to the music stadium,
and he gets there then pushes the button, everything freezes.
Professor: “Done, now I get the criminal and take him to jail.”
Display Mint: The professor takes the criminal to jail.

My koru art...

Koru Art
This is my koru art, I am very proud of it because it is one of the best koru art I have done. I could have done better but I rushed it. It is not good that I rushed it. 

My room

To my right I see my wall that has heaps of things all over it like art, to my left I see my new draws nice and clean as a whistle. I look up and see my model aeroplane floating above me, with string that blends in with the air. “Hmmm” I say, and look at my shelf with some things that I got for my birthday, like Lego. What if Lego becomes real and came to life? That will be fun, I thought. They will bounce on my desk and try to work my computer. They might even download the Lego texture pack, play Minecraft and even make a multiplayer server. I do not even know how to do that.

This must be me and this must be my room!

My tree of life!

This is my tree of life, I am very proud of it. You can scan this with a apple product. I used a pattern for the stem. I also used things like decorations that are hung from string. I have Minecraft things because I love Minecraft.
Here is my art!

My mathletics poster 2012.......

Our topic...

Our (Sami, Daniel, Rhys and I's project)  Topic was to find a way to save the Earth from an asteroid named Doomsday one. So we formed into a four and started Researching. In the end this is what our presentation turned out to be....

Thursday, 1 November 2012

My Homework Mini-poster

This is our class Olympic wall (not finished yet )

This is my poster that we had to do for homework, it was to do with the Olympics. It has the Olympic rings, a gold meal in the middle and some symbols of sports in the Olympics. It says RIO at the bottom because in 2016 the Olympics games will be held in Rio-Dijanero.
I am very proud of it because it looks great on our Olympics wall!

Country Research On France

Country research

  • France is located in western Europe, bordered with Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Spain.
  • The most popular sports in France are football, rugby league and rugby union. Handball and basketball are also popular in many parts of France.

  • France has an estimated population of 64.5 million.

  • The capital of France is Paris.

  • The largest cities: Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux and Marseilles.

  • France is also famous for its pizza.

  • France is the most romantic country in the world.

  • The biggest tower in France is the Eiffel Tower.

This is were France is located in the World:

Production Diary....!

Dear Diary,

Hello my name is Samuel and I am a advert designer followed with Matthew, Sami, Teva and Jack. Our add is STATE!

Day One
I’m on the seat looking ahead of me and seeing empty space. “While we are waiting we will take a quick commercial break”, Casey says. Jack gets up and walks forward Matthew and I follow. I thought it will -not actually be that bad. “Tonight I crashed into the poultry queen” , I heard Jack singing. I just waited and waited till my part was on, wait it already is my part!
I quickly sing: “I just woke up from the strangest dream, my house was robbed around me broke in and didn't rouse me, they stole my favourite thing my big TV!”

“Call the police man first then call the team at State. Ain't nothing gonna break my stride oh no state will keep you moving!”
“Call 0800 4 state”, Jack said in a lady voice.
I waited and finally the day was over!

Day Two
Matthew, Jack and I arrived in the hall and straight away got on the seat, it was sad that Sami and Teva were away. “Advertisment one!” Ms Hill yeled. we got up and done it very fast before we knew it, it was done. I did it without even thinking!

Day Three
We work on our sound and I do my same cool expression when I say they stole my favourite thing, my big TV! We are performing to the parents and we also have Sami and Teva with us, which is great because we have not had them with us because Teva was sick and Sami was in Auckland.

Day Four
I am performing to my parents and family tonight and I am performing to the school today!
“Ok go line up outside to go the hall.” , Mr Moriarty informed. So I lined up and the class went to the hall.(we had a little bit of fun before that):3

Thursday, 25 October 2012

KWL on the book, A Bit Of A Laugh

This is about Sir Edmund Hillary. This is a KWL table. We read a book first then I made this.
They call him Eddie but his real name is Edmund HillaryHow high was Mt. Everest measured in Feet?Mt. Everest  is 29,029 feet
He died about six years agoHow old was he when he climbed Mt.Everest?Hillary was 33 years of age when he reached the summit of Mount Everest three weeks before his next birthday.
He was the first person to climb Mt. Everest
He is on the five dollar note

Friday, 28 September 2012

The tube of wonders

“Ahhh! A lovely day, Mum,” I said loudly. “Can I go feed the mountain dogs up in their kennels?”
Mum said yes. I did not really want to go up there but the dogs need their food! I went up the tall mountain and finally reached the mountain house, the dogs were jumping inside and wanting to come out. I let them out the door and they sped away down the deck and round to the other side of the mountain. I followed them very tiredly. My sister woke me up last night because she had a nightmare. I closed my eyes and kept running when I realised I had bumped this hard thing. I opened my eyes. I saw this very strange structure, I went up to  the door. There was a sign that said witch switch will you pull, with brackets saying (100,000 total) , there must be that much switches, but I could not see any switches. Well daaa Sam, I said in my head, go in. I went in it was full of switches wear ever I go! I thought about what the sign said. “I want to pull the right switch, Hunter and Josh, but I do not know what one will be the right one. I pulled the fifth switch a clown came out on unicycle and done a dance. I pulled another, half of the floor came of and the clown fell into hot boiling lava. I gulped, I did not want to switch another one but I did, My dog went flying into the wall. “ Hey!”, I said . Onto my next switch It opened up a wall and I went inside. It had a cube hanging from nothing, it was glowing green I grabbed it and ran as fast as I could back down the hill, josh and hunter chased me I reached home and went into my bedroom and closed the door and bereaved. I looked at the cube. It flashed and an bug looking thing came out. It could fly. “Ahhh! What is that” I said, I ran, It followed me, suddenly I stopped for a minute and looked behind me. The bug looked sad. I feed it some leaves and some fruit it did not like that. I feed it some cheese, it gulped it down and flew around in a circle five times.
I decided to keep it in a jar with holes in the top and when it dies I will still keep it, or maybe it might have kids and get married and live happily ever after.

Cube (this is where I got the picture from)

Friday, 14 September 2012

My Birthday, late present from my Uncle in Australia!!!

It was my Birthday on August the nineteenth, but my uncle lives in Australia, Perth so I got it a bit late.
This is what I got:
Front and back of note.
If I exchange it at the bank I would get more! 

Friday, 24 August 2012

My Greek Vase.......

This is my Greek Vase, it tells a story!
Scan the QR code with an Apple product.
Here is the link so you can make your own QR CODE
This is my Art.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

How I am learning in room 20?

I am halfway through my awesome year of learning in Room 20. How am I learning?

Some things that are different about this year are I have more tools to help with my learning.

Having a computer and Google account has helped me my writing on google docs and helped me get more information.

I like having a blog because I can show my work and people comment and can see my work.

I share my learning by posting it on my blog.

I help others by helping them to use our tools.

I use ICT to help my learning in these ways: I get heaps of information and facts for things like our topic and research lessons, I also can do things like take pictures on a webcam or other tools.

I get feedback for my learning from Sami, My Family, Felicity and heaps of the class. They give me feedback by commenting and asking and telling things. This makes me feel very proud of my work and makes me feel good about myself and what I have put into my work.

Things I am really proud of achieving in Room 20 are better with my imagination for my writing, also I am proud of getting very high in maths.

I am most proud of this year.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

My origins story- A story of a lone robot.

It was another lonely day,

I went for a walk in the woods, horrible smoke was blazing in the air. I suddenly saw a train go by 15km per hour, the fifth carriage had a logo like mine. It looked like I would find a friend or two, so I pounced on the sixth carriage. It zoomed all the way down a metal road it was so long so I went to sleep. I reached this weird factory it looked abandoned,but not for long,I walked some more a huge gate flung open without a push as if some ghost had opened it. Big forklifts screeched and pounded into sheds, with big shipping containers. They almost ran over me with their big wheels!
I stepped on a leaf from the forest, I thought and went back into the forest.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

The "Weeping Shadows"


We read a book called The Weeping Shadows, it was based in real life, in Greenland the ice island. Vikings used to be in some of the caves. Some pictures are displayed below:

There are five chapters there names are: Holiday Jobs, Sunglasses at Midnight, Something feels wrong,
The Vikings, Until next Summer.
They are very short chapters.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Jungle. season 1 episode 3

Jungle. season 1 episode 3
12:30 Lunch
01:00 Explore the Jungle
01:30 AT
02:00 bushwalk
02:30 Rest back at the site
03:00 Drink and snack
04:45 Explore the Jungle in the evening, then find some items
05:25 Dinner

“Ahhh! It’s a, wait!”
“That, well I don’t know what that is it’s some kind
of shadowy thing, crew hide behind this tree shhh, wait where's
“We better go to the other side of this place.” “ Over there,
the opposite way to where that thing is facing.” Wow hold
the phone crew, that is Matthew
and what is doing scarring us to pieces,
oh that’s just what he likes to do every now and then.”
“He must go away with the fairies sometimes well I like a
scare every few times-but
not all the time, if you know what I mean it gives you a
jump and a waking up sort of thing.” “Well where was we
on the daily plan, let’s see [1 minute later] ahh we we have now
finished jungle exploring we have spent 20 minutes running from
Matthew and finding out it was Matthew took about 2 minutes, so
22 minutes that means we will have to miss out on our bush walk.”
“So we might as well rest back at the site and have our afternoon
tea now then head off for a item hunt.” [50 minutes later] “We are ready for the hunt, our goal is to find 5 dragonflies and trap them in a jar, ready, set , go!” “I have found some, but only one.” “Hey look it’s a swampy looking place, it has heaps of dragon flies, i’m going to get them all first, one, two, three, four and one in my jar I found all of them!”
“Wooooooow crew look at this Matthew already has dinner set up on a plastic table in the middle of the jungle, Matthew lets have it at the site ok, some bugs might come in and help them self.” “Yum club sammies!”

end of season 1

to    be   continued

Friday, 22 June 2012

Dear V.M Jones

This is my letter to the author of BUDDY

Dear Vicky,
Your story is outstanding, you deserve heaps, our class loves it so much they want to read more Buddy but we have read it all. We hope to hear more wonderful novels, but hey we have not read read other stories like Juggling with Mandarins and Shooting Moon, but!, we will, if the class does not get to read some of them I will.

I really like to read your stories because you just can imagine it really happening inside your head. When the teacher Mr Moriarty reads Buddy I completely go away with the fairies and daydream about Josh running and pushing Jake in the wheelchair and all the crowd cheering.

I would love a reply please!
Would you please also comment on a blog that our class has its called the Room 20 Tree of pride just search this on your internet parkvalemoriarty.blogspot.co.nz

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

My recycling poster!

This is my Recycling poster. It is also is an advertisement. 

Thursday, 14 June 2012

My term 2 reflection!


My favourite in Reading has been... Charlie and Lola and buddy

Something I have learnt is how to read better.

My next step is to go up to droids by the end of the year


This is my favourite writing The joy of summer

I am proud of all of my writing.

I have learnt:

  • to put an : when you list things.

My next step is to have more success criteria

I like my blog because you can share things on it
This is my favourite post Noun poem because it has pictures of things, it’s a poem, it has a cool background and it is a popular post on my blog.

I like commenting on blogs because it makes people feel good about their work.
This is my favourite comment Zeb's blog post.

My favourite maths is fractions

I am proud of My baked beans recipe

I have learnt

  • most of my fractions.

Something I find challenging is my fractions and division facts

My next step is to learn more

my favourite art is our jungle inside.
Something I have liked in our topic learning is our rubbish groups.

P.E. / Fitness
What I like about this is we can be fit.
I like playing these games:

  • corner ball
  • blob
  • soccer
  • abc bulrush
  • running to the cricket net and back
I learn and develop the skills by playing these games.
Fitness helps me learn.

Something I liked was my interview was good.                            

This is my 

Tagxedo for my term 2 reflection

Monday, 11 June 2012

My Toondoo homework challenge.

Not a peicefull night

This is a Toon! you can make heaps of cartoon animation etc. at a cool website called Toondoo, follow the link bellow to toondoo!

click here (you have to sign up first)

Tsunami! wave of destruction Q&A

wave of destruction

Q “How can Tsunamis be caused?”
A “Volcanic eruptions, Undersea landslides, Nuclear explosions, Meteorites, Storm surges or Undersea earthquakes”.

Q “What are Tsunamis mostly caused by?”
A “Undersea earthquakes.”

Q “How do you get warned that a Tsunami is going to occur?”
A “Seismograph detects undersea earthquake- Signal is sent to broadcast center- Community is warned about Tsunamis approach by a Tsunami siren- People move to higher ground”

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Dear Helen Clark

This is me and Rhys's Fotobabble. We are reading the poem Dear Helen Clark.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Jungle. season 1 episode 2

Jungle. season 1  episode 2
   “ it’s morning mmmm”! “ I am ready for brekky, the crew is ready for it as well, I wonder if we should go and have a hot drink and cereal, right then crew lets go”. “I’m having weet bix and a milo to warm me up because it's a cold morning. Lets look at the daily plan:


12:30 Lunch
01:00 Explore the Jungle
01:30 AT
02:00 bushwalk
02:30 Rest back at the site
03:00 Drink and snack
04:45 Explore the Jungle in the evening, then find some items
05:25 Dinner

“Wow!”, “thats a long day, lets start slowly, ok crew we  first have lunch, so who wants club sam widges or how about some yummy biscuits because they will be gone, hey crew love em”.

“Lunch  has gone fast, time to go explore the jungle, let's go this this way, here is an Bison:
they kind of look like bulls don't you think, how about a, hey a red panda:the little guy looks hungry, here’s some food little one,
look here's another one it's asleep shhh:and that's the end of the jungle exploring, wait what's that ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

to    be   continued