Friday, 22 June 2012

Dear V.M Jones

This is my letter to the author of BUDDY

Dear Vicky,
Your story is outstanding, you deserve heaps, our class loves it so much they want to read more Buddy but we have read it all. We hope to hear more wonderful novels, but hey we have not read read other stories like Juggling with Mandarins and Shooting Moon, but!, we will, if the class does not get to read some of them I will.

I really like to read your stories because you just can imagine it really happening inside your head. When the teacher Mr Moriarty reads Buddy I completely go away with the fairies and daydream about Josh running and pushing Jake in the wheelchair and all the crowd cheering.

I would love a reply please!
Would you please also comment on a blog that our class has its called the Room 20 Tree of pride just search this on your internet


  1. Awesome Sam!
    I'm blown away,I now want to read "buddy" next.
    I hope V.M. Jones gets back to you.
    Well done:).

  2. Thankyou so much!

  3. Great letter, Sam!

    I love the part about you visualising what is happening in the story and going completely away with the fairies!