Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Mrs Roil Poem....

Mrs Roil is sweet as a blueberry pie,
she shines in the sun and glows in the night.

She works hard to get us to our learning point,
and if we fall she would fix our joint.

Mrs roil would always be the best,
but sometimes she just needs her rest.

Mrs roil is the best teacher in the world,
and thank you for helping us learn.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Bike Saftey

When bikes get stolen most people will have an ID number at the bottom of the bike. It's important to write it down with the description of the bike so you can tell whether its your bike or not. You could tell the police and they will go searching for the bike. You will definitely be able to tell because all bikes have a different ID number so you will never get mixed up or find the  wrong one.

While riding a bike you must always wear a helmet. Most importantly for your head safety and also because it is law. If you don’t wear a helmet you might end up getting fined or having a very severe brain damage problem and you might be cabbage for the rest of your life.

Before you go out bike riding you must also make sure your tyres are pumped tightly and there are no shreds or holes in it, if you need your tyre to be pumped up you could ask a friend or a family member to pump it up for you.

Another common thing you must check is your brakes are working properly and that your brake cords are not tangled up. If your brakes are not functioning right you, might be riding really fast and won’t be able to stop and might crash.

If you go on bike rides a big cold drink would be a good idea, water is recommended. If you don't do this you might get a chance of getting dehydrated and very sick.

If you're riding at night a good thing to have is a high visible vest and some lights to go on your helmet and the front and back of the bike. This makes it easier for other cars to see you and not crash into you.

When you see a cycle track nearby you must use it, it is important that you use your hand signals 3 seconds before you make your move. If you do not use your hand signals correctly you might end up confusing drives and you could end up in a bad crash. The law also says ride on the left side of the road. Its better to ride on the road so you don't get hit by reversing cars.

Posted by Samuel 12|11|2013

Monday, 4 November 2013

Hover Ball

For this mad experiment you will prove that you can balance a ping-pong ball in the air using a hair dryer.
Will it work?

For this you will need:

|-|  1 or 2 ping-pong balls wither your challenged enough to try and balance two.                       |-|  A good working hair dyer

and that's all you will need. Now this is the next part......
you need to try and balance the ball in the air.

|-| First you need to take your ball and place it on the top of the blowing end (make sure the hair dryer is facing upwards.

|-| Next you need to turn the hair dryer on then you'll see if this works, does it?

|-| After that you could challenge yourself two try to do it with 2 balls.

Explanation: what we learnt today is trying to balance a ping-pong ball on a hair dryer. Once we turned on the hair dryer it floated up into the air looked so awesome. It worked because the force of the air from the hair dryer was forcing it upwards and it did not float up into the clouds because the Earth's force called gravity was holding down and not all the way up into the sky.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Flexibility test....

We had to do a test to see everyones flexibility, we had to sit down and put our feet against a box with a negative and positive ruler on it.

In our first test I came second, so in my group I was the second most flexible. But in our second test I improved but everyone else improved more, I came last.

Before we done our second we done some training we had about 30 laminated cards with different exercises on them. When Mrs Roil says swap we go round in a circle doing different exercises.

Those exercises would have helped improve our flexibility. When you do the stretches you have to hold then for a long time to make the stretch work. Thats why athletes take heaps of time to train and get good.

Holiday project- crossbow!

Holiday project! Crossbows are very cool to have. Crossbows make several sounds, but not much. The main sound of a crossbow would probably be when it fires, it makes big shot noise. One of the main sounds you might hear if you haven't built or bought a good enough crossbow. That sound would be a snap, which would be the limbs snapping. But hopefully you won’t have to hear that sound. The scope also may make a clicking sound if you have a scope on you crossbow.

Crossbows come in all different shapes and sizes. For example my homemade crossbow is the shape of a normal looking gun. It has a fat sicky-down shoulder rest with a nice curve at the end and a long barrel for the string to have more power to fling and fire the arrow or bullet. Some crossbows have big bits of wood all over the sides of the crossbow but those are rare.

Since there are different types of crossbows they all feel different, crossbows sometimes are really smooth. It would probably be because the people that made it has sandpapered the sides and other parts of the crossbow. Its best not to feel the barrel when you're about to shoot. Your hand would be hurt for days.   

Egg Drop

Demonstrate gravity, motion, and other forces with this incredible science trick.


The Egg Drop is a classic science demonstration that illustrates Newton's Laws of Motion, namely inertia. The challenge sounds so simple... just get the egg into the glass of water, but there are a few obstacles. The egg is perched high above the water on a cardboard tube, and a pie plate sits between the tube and the water. Still think it's easy? Sir Isaac Newton does.


Warning: Always wash your hands well with soap and water after handling raw eggs. Some raw eggs contain salmonella bacteria that can make you really sick!
  1. Fill the large drinking glass about three-quarters full with water.
  2. Center a pie pan on top of the glass.
  3. Place the cardboard tube on the pie plate, positioning it directly over the water.
  4. Carefully set the egg on top of the cardboard tube.
  5. With your writing hand, smack the edge of the pie pan horizontally. Don't swing up, and don't swing down! It’s important that you hit the pie pan horizontally and use a pretty solid hit, so plan on chasing the plate and tube.
  6. Your astonished guests will watch the egg plop nicely into the water. It’s even more fun to watch someone else try to drop the egg. Science is so cool!


  • Try setting up a tray (like one that you would get from a fast food restaurant) on top of five glasses. USe five tubes and five eggs and see if you are an egg drop master! *HINT* The angle that you hit the tray from can make all the difference.
  • Add coloring to the water in your egg drop for added effect.
  • Try testing longer tubes, more or less water, different liquids in the glass, different water containers, and heavier or lighter falling objects.


Credit for this one has to go to Sir Isaac Newton and his First Law of Motion. He said that since the egg is not moving while it sits on top of the tube, that’s what it wants to do - not move. You applied enough force to the pie pan to cause it to zip out from under the cardboard tube (there’s not much friction against the drinking glass). The edge of the pie pan hooked the bottom of the tube, which then sailed off with the pan. Basically, you knocked the support out from under the egg. For a brief nanosecond or two, the egg didn’t move because it was already stationary (not moving). But then, as usual, the force of gravity took over and pulled the egg straight down toward the center of the Earth.
Also, according to Mr. Newton’s First Law, once the egg was moving, it didn’t want to stop. The container of water interrupted the egg’s fall, providing a safe place for the egg to stop moving so you could recover it unbroken. The gravity-pushed egg caused the water to splash out. Did someone get wet?

Why it worked: The egg experiment worked because when you pulled the paper plate the gravity forced the egg down and into the glass. In my group it was JJ first. Mrs Roil only let our group have one egg so if we broke it, we won't get a new one. Down below are the results of who succeeded.
JJ- *Success*
Kory- *Success*
Jaidyn R- *Success*
Samuel- *Fail*
Ethan. *Fail*
We still used the egg when I cracked it so that Ethan would get a turn. The egg landed on the side of the glass when I pulled the paper plate.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

|~| Yachting |~|

|~| Yachting |~|

Something I was pleased with was that we got to go and that it was not cancelled because we would have never got to go if it was cancelled.
I really enjoyed learning how to control the boat because it makes me more confident near and in the water.

Something I found hard was controlling the boat because I did not know how to yet.
Something that made me think was if life jackets really made you float that well because I am not confident round the water.

Something I want to get better at is being confident round the water. (I could take swimming lessons to get better)

Something that was challenging was trying not to panic in the yacht because if I panicked I would have probably done something wrong or stupid.

Something I need to improve would be getting better at controlling the yacht and not crash or capsize it.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Sailing Vocabulary and terms

Sailing Vocabulary and terms
What do these terms mean? - write a brief answer/ synonym

Bow - The front of the boat.

Stern - The back of the boat.

Port - Left side of the Yacht.

Starboard - Right side of the Yacht.

Bailing - Getting the water out of the boat with hat/ bucket.

Becalmed - Lack of wind.

Capsizing - The boat flipping over and the person falling out.

Tiller - The handle used to steer the yacht / rudder.

Man Overboard - A person that falls out and is stuck in the water.

Offshore - The wind will be blowing out to the sea.
Onshore - The wind will be blowing onto the shore.

Rigging The Boat - Getting the yacht prepared.

Hull - The main part of the yacht.

Tacking - Going into the wind.

Gybing - Sailing with the wind.

Heeling Over - Tipping over.

Reaching - Is when the boat is traveling approximately perpendicular.

In Irons - Is when the boat is sailing directly into the wind.

Luffing - When the boat is steered far enough to the direction of the wind.

Running With Wind - When the wind is coming directly from behind the boat.

Broad Reach - Points of sail describes a sailing boat's course in relation to the wind direction.

Mayday - A person or people in trouble and also might say “Mayday”.

Upwind - Against the direction of the wind.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Mr Jack the black cockroach.....

Episode 1*
Once upon a time there lived a cockroach named Jack, he was black and very old. One day when he was drinking some chinese green tea he saw two boys getting ready to go sailing. He decided that he would go to, so he hopped onto the boat and rested on the centerboard. He was quite upset that he had to leave his tea. “Ahhhhhh,” one of the boys yelped. Oh, it was a catastrophe! Jack fell off the boat and almost drowned but if it wasn't for Daniel’s friend Bobby he would have died. He lay there cold in a tissue on Bobby’s chair. Jack was never going on a sailing trip ever again.

Episode 2*
“Bzzzzz” there was a buzzing noise, Jack was wanted to find out what it was. He creeped over and saw a giant bee. “Hello, bee, what's your name? ” Jack said nervously. “Mack,” the bee said.
“Want to be friends?” Mack said. “Ok” said Jack. They set off to the tallest tree in town; which is Jacks home. They has a long day so Jack let Mack stay the night at his house. Jack got him a blanket and made a nice spot for him on his couch.”Good night friend” Mack said as he drifted off to sleep.

Episode 3*
When Jack the cockroach was drinking chinese green tea he realized he ran out of food and there was no markets nearby so there was only one solution to this problem and that was to go hunting. But he had nothing to hunt with and he remembered that his friend Mack, he was a great hunter because of his big stinger, it is weird  because he was a bee and usually when bees sting something there stinger would come out and the bee would die. At the start of the hunting trip Mack started flying high in the sky. “Squark! ” A hawk yelled as he falled to the ground. “This would be nice food!” Jack said as he licked his lips.

Episode 4*
“Where am I?” Jack says nervously staring out a circle window with 10 bolted on screws. It was night time and it was all dark. “Hey Jack” said a familiar voice. It was Mack.
“Mack I did not know you were here, how did we get here?” Jack yelps.
“I don't know?” Mack replied.
“BANG” a big door wiped open. Two men stood in the doorway, one of them had a cheeky smile the other looked blank. The first one picked up Macks container and took him out of the room. The second turned on the lights and realised that Jacks container had no holes, so he grabbed  a sharp pin and made little holes in the container.
“Whoooaaa” The man tripped and went flying into the container. The container flung off the ground. Jack was finally free. Jack grabbed the pin a crawled toward where mack was in the science lab. He put the pin into the other mans eye and hopped on Mack’s back and they flew away.

=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=THE END=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Minecraft- question answering story.........


1.What is your favorite thing to build on Minecraft?  Milly
3.Do you build with redstone? Jaidyn R
4.Have you ever played hardcore mode? Heith
2.What is the biggest thing you have ever made on minecraft? Poppy
5.Do you play in any other virtual worlds? Mrs Roil

Minecraft is a square block game, it is very addictive and is really fun.  I would say I am quite good at it- but I’m not trying to show off! In this story I will talk about some things about minecraft.

There are some cool things you can do on minecraft is build structures and buildings, one of the most popular things to build is a house.  A house can be great for shelter, storage and to keep away from angry mobs like creepers or zombies.  You can build a house out of heaps of different blocks.  Like maybe a house out of iron, wool, cobblestone or even dirt. Houses can be turned into bases where you can heave secret piston doors. Bases are my favorite things to build.   I have built giant bases.  The biggest thing I have ever build would have to be the Eiffel Tower, It was over 100 blocks tall. I built it from bedrock all the way up.  
Sometimes I make cool inventions out of redstone There are many cool things to build in redstone.  The most popular thing is probably a piston door.  Redstone can be quite confusing sometimes.  Redstone repeaters can be used for many things like delaying the signal and transforming more power into the signal.  

There are many modes you can be in on minecraft such as: Hardcore mode, creative and survival.  I have played on all modes before, even hardcore mode.  Creative is the easiest mode because you get to fly, break blocks instantly and get infinite resources. Survival is medium because you have to find all the resources and you take damage and can't fly.  Hardcore mode is the hardest mode, you only have one life and if you die you can't respawn and you have to delete the world.  

There are many different virtual worlds like roblox and terria.  Other worlds I play in is roblox, but i don't play on roblox anymore.

Friday, 30 August 2013

Minecraft club competition: Sky islands - With Ethan and JJ...

------------------------Minecraft Quests (1) -------------------------------------------

This is quest one .... Group members: | JJ | Ethan |

For minecraft quests, JJ, Ethan and I chose to build sky islands....
They have bridges going to other islands. All of us built an island with a house on it, then I made the clock tower with JJ, then I made the food market. When I wasn't online JJ made a PVP arena!

|Sorry for the bad quality|

-If you liked this video be sure to check out this one by Ethan
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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Basic facts test results

This is my basic facts test results on a bar graph, I think that this is the best way to publish my results to the web. It is actually easy to find out how I improved. I think this is the best way to publish my results.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

My basic facts test results on a pie graph....

This is my Basic Facts Test Results on a pie graph. I did this to show my results to people. I do not think this is the best way to present my results though as it is hard to find out if I improved and its difficult to tell whether I got 10 out of 10 or not.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

THE WOLF IN THE WARDROBE                                  BY SUSAN BROCKER.
The wolf in the wardrobes main characters are Finn, Lupa, Nana Eva, Cackles the clown, Finns mum, Finns dad Danny and Andy
The Wolf In The Wardrobe is a book about a boy called Finn that went to a circus with his dad and his dads girlfriend. There was a creepy clown that had a taszer and was threatening to kill two wolfs. One of the wolfs escaped from the circus and Finn found him. Ever since that Finn was taking care of the wolf he named Lupa, all of his school friends didn't believe him. He hid Lupa in his house not letting his mum find out but one day he came home from school, there he was on Finns bed with his nana. His nana had Alzheimer's and thought Lupa was her old Irish dog Molly. Still his mum did not know.

The police came round and told his mum that he had seen a missing dog around their property and street. His mum wasn't very pleased and shut the door on his face. Then finally Finns mother new but although she knew, she thought it was a dog not wolf......  
[Read the full book to find out what happens!]

If you like this book you are sure to like other mystery and adventure books like the hatchet. The hatchet is a book about a boy that goes on a plane and the pilot has a hard attack, he dies and they crash in the forest, its only the boy. He has to survive alone.

Susan Brocker has written more books like restless spirit, saving Sam, dreams of warriors, Anzac horses and brave bess. Susan lives in New Zealand she has lots of pets like her dog.
You can buy this Wolf in the wardrobe book here: The wolf in the wardrobe - Whitcoulls .

I give this book a rating of 5 out of 5 stars!