Friday, 14 September 2012

My Birthday, late present from my Uncle in Australia!!!

It was my Birthday on August the nineteenth, but my uncle lives in Australia, Perth so I got it a bit late.
This is what I got:
Front and back of note.
If I exchange it at the bank I would get more! 


  1. wow Sam that's real cool how much money would you get in n.z dollers?

  2. Whole cool
    I remember when I loved in AUZZIE and I used to get confused with the Kiwi and Auzzie notes but yeah it's really cool thanks for postings an awesome post and I hope to read more of these kkind of things also reading this post gave me lots of memorys so thank you

  3. Cool Sam I wish I could get some Money from
    Aussie or another country. How much money did you get
    Exchanged to?

  4. Awesome Sam that looks like a cool birthday prezzie.

  5. you love you blog post you got a good present

  6. Awesome Samuel!
    Your so lucky, its cool that you did a blog post about it:) Well done!

  7. Awesome Sam
    How much would you get back?.

  8. Wow Samuel that is a lot of money,that is worth about $65 here you must be really lucky.

  9. Cool Sam
    you are luck to get that money
    If you were to change it in at the bank how much will you get

  10. Wow Sam.
    You are so lucky to get that money.
    What are you going to do with it?
    Well done:)