Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Secret Agent Prof Freak (short play)

Secret Agent Prof Freak

Sound effects:  Cercccch  
Captain:  “Come in Professor Freak.”
Professor:  “Yes captain.”
Captain:   “ I have another mission for you.“
Professor:   “What is i?t”
Captain:  “You need to get into the music stadium.”
Professor:  “I got my backpack,my underwater spy camera, my d-17 spy  Lazar, my long camera scope that goes down tunnels and connects to my watch, also my jet pack and then finally my belt with 97 buttons they all control more gadgets. And how are you planing to get me in?”
Captain:  “Well I made a new gadget called the freactionator panel.”
Professor: “What does it do cap?”’
Captain:  “It freezes everything around you”
Professor:  “OK Cap.”
Display Mint: The professor hops in his agent mobile and takes off to the music stadium,
and he gets there then pushes the button, everything freezes.
Professor: “Done, now I get the criminal and take him to jail.”
Display Mint: The professor takes the criminal to jail.


  1. Great Sam!
    I really like your little play that you did!
    Well done:)

  2. Awesome Sam!
    I like the start where he explain everything he has. Well done!

  3. Cool Sam! I like how you made a small play instead of a big long one. Are you going to make another one?