Friday, 28 September 2012

The tube of wonders

“Ahhh! A lovely day, Mum,” I said loudly. “Can I go feed the mountain dogs up in their kennels?”
Mum said yes. I did not really want to go up there but the dogs need their food! I went up the tall mountain and finally reached the mountain house, the dogs were jumping inside and wanting to come out. I let them out the door and they sped away down the deck and round to the other side of the mountain. I followed them very tiredly. My sister woke me up last night because she had a nightmare. I closed my eyes and kept running when I realised I had bumped this hard thing. I opened my eyes. I saw this very strange structure, I went up to  the door. There was a sign that said witch switch will you pull, with brackets saying (100,000 total) , there must be that much switches, but I could not see any switches. Well daaa Sam, I said in my head, go in. I went in it was full of switches wear ever I go! I thought about what the sign said. “I want to pull the right switch, Hunter and Josh, but I do not know what one will be the right one. I pulled the fifth switch a clown came out on unicycle and done a dance. I pulled another, half of the floor came of and the clown fell into hot boiling lava. I gulped, I did not want to switch another one but I did, My dog went flying into the wall. “ Hey!”, I said . Onto my next switch It opened up a wall and I went inside. It had a cube hanging from nothing, it was glowing green I grabbed it and ran as fast as I could back down the hill, josh and hunter chased me I reached home and went into my bedroom and closed the door and bereaved. I looked at the cube. It flashed and an bug looking thing came out. It could fly. “Ahhh! What is that” I said, I ran, It followed me, suddenly I stopped for a minute and looked behind me. The bug looked sad. I feed it some leaves and some fruit it did not like that. I feed it some cheese, it gulped it down and flew around in a circle five times.
I decided to keep it in a jar with holes in the top and when it dies I will still keep it, or maybe it might have kids and get married and live happily ever after.

Cube (this is where I got the picture from)

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  1. Awesom Sam!
    That bug looks like a wasp crossed with a bee or something like that.