Monday, 26 March 2012

My reflection for archery

Reflection for Archery
· Something I was pleased with was that we got to learn some of the history of bows and arrows.
because I never knew about the history of bows and arrows.

· I really enjoyed learning about it.

because it sounds interesting.  

· Something I found hard was getting the arrow to stay on the hook.  

· Something that made me think was how  do we get the bow to land on the bullseye.

          because I don’t know how do it.

· Something I want to get better at is getting the bullseye.  

Saturday, 24 March 2012

My roket

  • This rocket shows me my goal and my progress. 
  • I feel good when I complete a goal.
  • Something I was pleased with was that I am up to my rocket six A.
  • Something  I found hard was my division facts.
  • I am going to start by practising my division facts.

Swimming at the river

at the river
I dived in. it is so freezing i said as i shivered. I was happy that we could go swimming in the river . I heard the whistle which means swim back to the side of the river where the rocks were. Mr M said that we had to skull feet first. I tried to skull but i was not very good at it. I kept on trying. Then the whole class felt a big chill blow past them, suddenly thunder and lightenig struck it started to rain and all the screamed. Mr m said to rush back to the camp. we all went in to our cabins and talked to each other
for about an  hour. I noticed sunshine i thought that was wearied. everyone all said to Mr M  can we go for a swim. OK ,thanks Mr M.

White water rafting at camp

Wish we were away, I was so  apprehensive. I was having so much fun I felt like I wanted to purposely wanted to jump out of the raft. Mike was our boat instructor, he was South African, he has a funny accent. he told us to ford paddle.
“one two, one two, the” chinchillas crowd. Here comes our first rapid hold on, “aaaaaa” all the girls screamed. “That was just a little”says Mike. “Here comes Carnage Corner” yells Mike. all the girls screamed, “HOLD ON!!!”, Mike yells, we all held on, boof! luckily no one fell out. Mike says to watch the other rafters so we did here comes the strikers, hold on says the instructor of the strikers raft. Witch Brody did not do, he fell right to the back seat with a rubey noise. We set off and then we had lunch on little island again we set off down the river. Hey I roared we went across that bridge, I suddenly remembered that that's the banana bridge. We saw people under the bridge that fix it, they were waving I put my paddle up and shook it side to side hardly trying not to hit anybody. We decided to paddle into a bit of clif, boof I let go of my t-grip Mr M said to not let go of your t-grip. Hey we are almost there I said in my head, Mike said to us lets do a wheelie so we done a wheelie everyone sat at the back of the raft, wosh, wosh the raft went. We got back in the boat and went to a stop it all finished lukey no one got hurt I felt warm inside that I had completed the task.