Tuesday, 13 November 2012

My room

To my right I see my wall that has heaps of things all over it like art, to my left I see my new draws nice and clean as a whistle. I look up and see my model aeroplane floating above me, with string that blends in with the air. “Hmmm” I say, and look at my shelf with some things that I got for my birthday, like Lego. What if Lego becomes real and came to life? That will be fun, I thought. They will bounce on my desk and try to work my computer. They might even download the Lego texture pack, play Minecraft and even make a multiplayer server. I do not even know how to do that.

This must be me and this must be my room!


  1. Great Sam!
    The part at the end is great!
    I like how you added some of your own little bits in with the Lego coming alive!

  2. I agree with Felicity.

    I love the part about the Lego coming alive.

  3. Great work Samuel!
    I also like the part where you said "What if Lego becomes real and came to life?" it made me a imagine them climbing on your shelf. I think this is a awesome piece of writing. Well done:)

  4. Great work Samuel. Your writing is so cool. You describe your room well. The picture is cool too. I like the angle it is on:)