Thursday, 1 November 2012

Production Diary....!

Dear Diary,

Hello my name is Samuel and I am a advert designer followed with Matthew, Sami, Teva and Jack. Our add is STATE!

Day One
I’m on the seat looking ahead of me and seeing empty space. “While we are waiting we will take a quick commercial break”, Casey says. Jack gets up and walks forward Matthew and I follow. I thought it will -not actually be that bad. “Tonight I crashed into the poultry queen” , I heard Jack singing. I just waited and waited till my part was on, wait it already is my part!
I quickly sing: “I just woke up from the strangest dream, my house was robbed around me broke in and didn't rouse me, they stole my favourite thing my big TV!”

“Call the police man first then call the team at State. Ain't nothing gonna break my stride oh no state will keep you moving!”
“Call 0800 4 state”, Jack said in a lady voice.
I waited and finally the day was over!

Day Two
Matthew, Jack and I arrived in the hall and straight away got on the seat, it was sad that Sami and Teva were away. “Advertisment one!” Ms Hill yeled. we got up and done it very fast before we knew it, it was done. I did it without even thinking!

Day Three
We work on our sound and I do my same cool expression when I say they stole my favourite thing, my big TV! We are performing to the parents and we also have Sami and Teva with us, which is great because we have not had them with us because Teva was sick and Sami was in Auckland.

Day Four
I am performing to my parents and family tonight and I am performing to the school today!
“Ok go line up outside to go the hall.” , Mr Moriarty informed. So I lined up and the class went to the hall.(we had a little bit of fun before that):3

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