Tuesday, 24 July 2012

My origins story- A story of a lone robot.

It was another lonely day,

I went for a walk in the woods, horrible smoke was blazing in the air. I suddenly saw a train go by 15km per hour, the fifth carriage had a logo like mine. It looked like I would find a friend or two, so I pounced on the sixth carriage. It zoomed all the way down a metal road it was so long so I went to sleep. I reached this weird factory it looked abandoned,but not for long,I walked some more a huge gate flung open without a push as if some ghost had opened it. Big forklifts screeched and pounded into sheds, with big shipping containers. They almost ran over me with their big wheels!
I stepped on a leaf from the forest, I thought and went back into the forest.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

The "Weeping Shadows"


We read a book called The Weeping Shadows, it was based in real life, in Greenland the ice island. Vikings used to be in some of the caves. Some pictures are displayed below:

There are five chapters there names are: Holiday Jobs, Sunglasses at Midnight, Something feels wrong,
The Vikings, Until next Summer.
They are very short chapters.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Jungle. season 1 episode 3

Jungle. season 1 episode 3
12:30 Lunch
01:00 Explore the Jungle
01:30 AT
02:00 bushwalk
02:30 Rest back at the site
03:00 Drink and snack
04:45 Explore the Jungle in the evening, then find some items
05:25 Dinner

“Ahhh! It’s a, wait!”
“That, well I don’t know what that is it’s some kind
of shadowy thing, crew hide behind this tree shhh, wait where's
“We better go to the other side of this place.” “ Over there,
the opposite way to where that thing is facing.” Wow hold
the phone crew, that is Matthew
and what is doing scarring us to pieces,
oh that’s just what he likes to do every now and then.”
“He must go away with the fairies sometimes well I like a
scare every few times-but
not all the time, if you know what I mean it gives you a
jump and a waking up sort of thing.” “Well where was we
on the daily plan, let’s see [1 minute later] ahh we we have now
finished jungle exploring we have spent 20 minutes running from
Matthew and finding out it was Matthew took about 2 minutes, so
22 minutes that means we will have to miss out on our bush walk.”
“So we might as well rest back at the site and have our afternoon
tea now then head off for a item hunt.” [50 minutes later] “We are ready for the hunt, our goal is to find 5 dragonflies and trap them in a jar, ready, set , go!” “I have found some, but only one.” “Hey look it’s a swampy looking place, it has heaps of dragon flies, i’m going to get them all first, one, two, three, four and one in my jar I found all of them!”
“Wooooooow crew look at this Matthew already has dinner set up on a plastic table in the middle of the jungle, Matthew lets have it at the site ok, some bugs might come in and help them self.” “Yum club sammies!”

end of season 1

to    be   continued