Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A good leader

I think Sami is a good leader because he is sensible, he is encouraging, he is a good role model, not bossy, friendly he is also very good with   
solving problems and he has
very good teamwork.

I would follow him if he was a leader Because he always includes people and figures out the best way for everyone .

I think Sami is a good leader, he never bees mean or hurts anyone even when he  does not like anyone  or does not think someone is not very nice to him.

The highlighted words are the words that Sami does best.


  1. It sounds like Sami would be the ideal friend to have. I enjoyed catching up with your new class briefly for book week. Your blog looks neat, I liked the movie room 20 made. Good work.

  2. Cool Sam I think Samis really good and well behaved

  3. Hannah (Sam's Aunty)18 August 2012 at 18:35

    Sami sounds like a wonderful person, and a good young man to have as a friend. Very nice words Sam. Aunty Hannah