Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Bike Saftey

When bikes get stolen most people will have an ID number at the bottom of the bike. It's important to write it down with the description of the bike so you can tell whether its your bike or not. You could tell the police and they will go searching for the bike. You will definitely be able to tell because all bikes have a different ID number so you will never get mixed up or find the  wrong one.

While riding a bike you must always wear a helmet. Most importantly for your head safety and also because it is law. If you don’t wear a helmet you might end up getting fined or having a very severe brain damage problem and you might be cabbage for the rest of your life.

Before you go out bike riding you must also make sure your tyres are pumped tightly and there are no shreds or holes in it, if you need your tyre to be pumped up you could ask a friend or a family member to pump it up for you.

Another common thing you must check is your brakes are working properly and that your brake cords are not tangled up. If your brakes are not functioning right you, might be riding really fast and won’t be able to stop and might crash.

If you go on bike rides a big cold drink would be a good idea, water is recommended. If you don't do this you might get a chance of getting dehydrated and very sick.

If you're riding at night a good thing to have is a high visible vest and some lights to go on your helmet and the front and back of the bike. This makes it easier for other cars to see you and not crash into you.

When you see a cycle track nearby you must use it, it is important that you use your hand signals 3 seconds before you make your move. If you do not use your hand signals correctly you might end up confusing drives and you could end up in a bad crash. The law also says ride on the left side of the road. Its better to ride on the road so you don't get hit by reversing cars.

Posted by Samuel 12|11|2013

Monday, 4 November 2013

Hover Ball

For this mad experiment you will prove that you can balance a ping-pong ball in the air using a hair dryer.
Will it work?

For this you will need:

|-|  1 or 2 ping-pong balls wither your challenged enough to try and balance two.                       |-|  A good working hair dyer

and that's all you will need. Now this is the next part......
you need to try and balance the ball in the air.

|-| First you need to take your ball and place it on the top of the blowing end (make sure the hair dryer is facing upwards.

|-| Next you need to turn the hair dryer on then you'll see if this works, does it?

|-| After that you could challenge yourself two try to do it with 2 balls.

Explanation: what we learnt today is trying to balance a ping-pong ball on a hair dryer. Once we turned on the hair dryer it floated up into the air looked so awesome. It worked because the force of the air from the hair dryer was forcing it upwards and it did not float up into the clouds because the Earth's force called gravity was holding down and not all the way up into the sky.