Thursday, 14 June 2012

My term 2 reflection!


My favourite in Reading has been... Charlie and Lola and buddy

Something I have learnt is how to read better.

My next step is to go up to droids by the end of the year


This is my favourite writing The joy of summer

I am proud of all of my writing.

I have learnt:

  • to put an : when you list things.

My next step is to have more success criteria

I like my blog because you can share things on it
This is my favourite post Noun poem because it has pictures of things, it’s a poem, it has a cool background and it is a popular post on my blog.

I like commenting on blogs because it makes people feel good about their work.
This is my favourite comment Zeb's blog post.

My favourite maths is fractions

I am proud of My baked beans recipe

I have learnt

  • most of my fractions.

Something I find challenging is my fractions and division facts

My next step is to learn more

my favourite art is our jungle inside.
Something I have liked in our topic learning is our rubbish groups.

P.E. / Fitness
What I like about this is we can be fit.
I like playing these games:

  • corner ball
  • blob
  • soccer
  • abc bulrush
  • running to the cricket net and back
I learn and develop the skills by playing these games.
Fitness helps me learn.

Something I liked was my interview was good.                            

This is my 

Tagxedo for my term 2 reflection


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  2. Neat tagxedo poster it goes well with your reflection ! From mum x0

  3. Great Samuel
    Your reflection is great!
    What has been your favourite thing about term 2 so far?

  4. Your interview was great, Samuel!

    You prepared very well with this document. I agree with your Mum, your Tagxedo really reflects your learning so far this year. Well done!

  5. Awesome Samuel! I like your tagxedo.

  6. Hannah (Sam's Aunty)18 August 2012 at 18:08

    Great Sam, I never even knew you could do this on the computer. You are very clever and creative, a guitar is a cool shape. I will make my own! From Aunty