Friday, 18 May 2012

Jungle. season 1 episode 2

Jungle. season 1  episode 2
   “ it’s morning mmmm”! “ I am ready for brekky, the crew is ready for it as well, I wonder if we should go and have a hot drink and cereal, right then crew lets go”. “I’m having weet bix and a milo to warm me up because it's a cold morning. Lets look at the daily plan:


12:30 Lunch
01:00 Explore the Jungle
01:30 AT
02:00 bushwalk
02:30 Rest back at the site
03:00 Drink and snack
04:45 Explore the Jungle in the evening, then find some items
05:25 Dinner

“Wow!”, “thats a long day, lets start slowly, ok crew we  first have lunch, so who wants club sam widges or how about some yummy biscuits because they will be gone, hey crew love em”.

“Lunch  has gone fast, time to go explore the jungle, let's go this this way, here is an Bison:
they kind of look like bulls don't you think, how about a, hey a red panda:the little guy looks hungry, here’s some food little one,
look here's another one it's asleep shhh:and that's the end of the jungle exploring, wait what's that ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

to    be   continued


  1. Hey Sam O
    Great story - I am now wondering what will happen next. Maybe he gets attacked by an animal or falls into a trap. You will have to write more.
    Putting pictures with your story is very cool - you are very clever. I have just learned to do that a few weeks ago on my class blog.

  2. Cool keep up the good work Sam.

  3. Awesome Sam.
    Your story is really cool, I like how you added the pictures.
    What is your favourite part in the story?