Tuesday, 30 July 2013

My holiday

My Holiday
“Bump, Bump” goes my grandads van as we go down the vast road to Taupo. I get very badly carsick and I hate long drives. I have travelled all the way from Invercargill to Hastings. I used to live in Hastings then I moved there, then finally I came back. My favourite way to travel is in a plane. “grrrr” I grone mumbling as I start to get groggy. Grandad gets car sick too thats why he loves my company. My aunty lives in Taupo thats why we are going to visit her because she will be moving back soon, so we decided to spend time in Taupo with her before she leaves. I have been to Taupo before in the last holidays, I enjoyed it and It was a treasured memory.

“Hey do you see that?”, My grandad verbalizes. “oh yeah, wow thats amazing, it looks like candy floss” I confirm as I gaze at the tremendously sunken clouds that look like candy floss all pink and bright. “That is really weird” I say wondering how it happened. I keep on waiting as we get closer and closer to Taupo. “Hey look theres some buildings in the distance” I recite delightedly. “That must be Taupo” Grandad yaks. We drive through through to the sudden interpretation of a cell phone “ding ring bing bing” it rings, “oh that'll be mine, can you get that please?”my grandad mutters. “Sure” I say. “Hello Sam speaking” I say politely. “Hello sam, i'll meet you at my work bye” my aunty yelps happily. “Bye” I confirm. “She wants us to meet her at her work” I tell grandad. “Ok” he says. So we start our mission to aunt's work. “Lets go” I say

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