Friday, 13 September 2013

Sailing Vocabulary and terms

Sailing Vocabulary and terms
What do these terms mean? - write a brief answer/ synonym

Bow - The front of the boat.

Stern - The back of the boat.

Port - Left side of the Yacht.

Starboard - Right side of the Yacht.

Bailing - Getting the water out of the boat with hat/ bucket.

Becalmed - Lack of wind.

Capsizing - The boat flipping over and the person falling out.

Tiller - The handle used to steer the yacht / rudder.

Man Overboard - A person that falls out and is stuck in the water.

Offshore - The wind will be blowing out to the sea.
Onshore - The wind will be blowing onto the shore.

Rigging The Boat - Getting the yacht prepared.

Hull - The main part of the yacht.

Tacking - Going into the wind.

Gybing - Sailing with the wind.

Heeling Over - Tipping over.

Reaching - Is when the boat is traveling approximately perpendicular.

In Irons - Is when the boat is sailing directly into the wind.

Luffing - When the boat is steered far enough to the direction of the wind.

Running With Wind - When the wind is coming directly from behind the boat.

Broad Reach - Points of sail describes a sailing boat's course in relation to the wind direction.

Mayday - A person or people in trouble and also might say “Mayday”.

Upwind - Against the direction of the wind.


  1. neat story sam I like your exciting words did you make this story up yourself ?

  2. Awesome work on the vocabulary!
    I like how you write it so I and others to read,
    keep up the great work!