Tuesday, 9 July 2013


“G’day mate” my Uncle would say in imitation of ozzies. My Uncle lives in brisbane, sadly I do not get to see him that much. He used to work in Perth in the mines fixing diggers, trucks and giant big excavators . He often is getting oily and dirty, but I do not care if he smells or is dirty. One day he fixed a fire engine while he was in New Zealand. Although he is older than me he can be like a best friend to me. He is always willing to help my family.

My Uncle behaves quite cheeky, although he is cheeky he can actually be really mature and sensible. Uncle behaves good in front of people and businesses. He is always willing to help my family. He is very generous and very caring. He can act like a child sometimes, but that is when he is being silly.

My Uncles reputation is keeping to something and never give up. People like my mum thinks he is a great person. His friends would love to do something fun with him, even I know that he is really entertaining and a great person to hang out with. The way he affects other people is great! He always makes people feel treasured and good inside. He warms up peoples hearts.
He comes to New Zealand some times to visit and spoils me, one day he bought me a MGP scooter..He loves to have a laugh every now and then, another thing he likes to do is wind me up in funny ways. I have got to say he is confident with machines and computers and how things work. A great, awesome and really fantastic thing he has done once in his life is when he parachuted out of a plane and oh man he told my mum that he was terrified especially when the pilot asked him to steer the plane.

It is simple to see what my Uncle treasures and loves. He takes allot of things around with him like his portable hard drive and especially his laptop. He takes very good care of his laptop because it is one of the most special things in his life. I like his laptop too. He also most definitely treasures his IPhone 5, its brand new. Only 1 month old. It is as if his laptop and IPhone 5 is a baby that he takes care of just like a mother! He has always been like this and personally I think he takes good care of things more than anyone else in my family.

One of his personal things to say is “G’day mate” and that is what makes me remember him!

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