Friday, 5 July 2013

Art with Mrs Morton

A couple of weeks ago mrs Morton came to teach us more about art we started off with simple sketching, then we done some examples of techniques in our art book such as smooth and even, shade to tint, dry brush, glaze / wash, blending, outline and impasto. I did know how to do smooth and even but I learnt heaps more. I am not very good at art so I know i needed this help, after a few weeks we started a master-piece. At the top for the sky we put a vast yellow glaze wash. This did not take very long, well not for me anyway. Glaze is a very good artist technique. After that we had to do smooth and even for the top set of hills. The next part we had to do dry brush so first we done a simple smooth and even layer of yellow then wait a while to add black or white (Keep the brush dry while painting the black or white). The water needed an outline so we continued doing that, I think we need a little more practice . FInally we done the front rock a sort of blending technique, I like blending, its looks really cool when we blend. It is really great, I love it when Mrs Morton comes in because I really need the extra

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