Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Minecraft- question answering story.........


1.What is your favorite thing to build on Minecraft?  Milly
3.Do you build with redstone? Jaidyn R
4.Have you ever played hardcore mode? Heith
2.What is the biggest thing you have ever made on minecraft? Poppy
5.Do you play in any other virtual worlds? Mrs Roil

Minecraft is a square block game, it is very addictive and is really fun.  I would say I am quite good at it- but I’m not trying to show off! In this story I will talk about some things about minecraft.

There are some cool things you can do on minecraft is build structures and buildings, one of the most popular things to build is a house.  A house can be great for shelter, storage and to keep away from angry mobs like creepers or zombies.  You can build a house out of heaps of different blocks.  Like maybe a house out of iron, wool, cobblestone or even dirt. Houses can be turned into bases where you can heave secret piston doors. Bases are my favorite things to build.   I have built giant bases.  The biggest thing I have ever build would have to be the Eiffel Tower, It was over 100 blocks tall. I built it from bedrock all the way up.  
Sometimes I make cool inventions out of redstone There are many cool things to build in redstone.  The most popular thing is probably a piston door.  Redstone can be quite confusing sometimes.  Redstone repeaters can be used for many things like delaying the signal and transforming more power into the signal.  

There are many modes you can be in on minecraft such as: Hardcore mode, creative and survival.  I have played on all modes before, even hardcore mode.  Creative is the easiest mode because you get to fly, break blocks instantly and get infinite resources. Survival is medium because you have to find all the resources and you take damage and can't fly.  Hardcore mode is the hardest mode, you only have one life and if you die you can't respawn and you have to delete the world.  

There are many different virtual worlds like roblox and terria.  Other worlds I play in is roblox, but i don't play on roblox anymore.


  1. I liked the big tall tower you made with your friend with the point on the top