Thursday, 19 September 2013

|~| Yachting |~|

|~| Yachting |~|

Something I was pleased with was that we got to go and that it was not cancelled because we would have never got to go if it was cancelled.
I really enjoyed learning how to control the boat because it makes me more confident near and in the water.

Something I found hard was controlling the boat because I did not know how to yet.
Something that made me think was if life jackets really made you float that well because I am not confident round the water.

Something I want to get better at is being confident round the water. (I could take swimming lessons to get better)

Something that was challenging was trying not to panic in the yacht because if I panicked I would have probably done something wrong or stupid.

Something I need to improve would be getting better at controlling the yacht and not crash or capsize it.

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  1. Your were brave for staying calm in a scary situation :)