Tuesday, 20 August 2013

THE WOLF IN THE WARDROBE                                  BY SUSAN BROCKER.
The wolf in the wardrobes main characters are Finn, Lupa, Nana Eva, Cackles the clown, Finns mum, Finns dad Danny and Andy
The Wolf In The Wardrobe is a book about a boy called Finn that went to a circus with his dad and his dads girlfriend. There was a creepy clown that had a taszer and was threatening to kill two wolfs. One of the wolfs escaped from the circus and Finn found him. Ever since that Finn was taking care of the wolf he named Lupa, all of his school friends didn't believe him. He hid Lupa in his house not letting his mum find out but one day he came home from school, there he was on Finns bed with his nana. His nana had Alzheimer's and thought Lupa was her old Irish dog Molly. Still his mum did not know.

The police came round and told his mum that he had seen a missing dog around their property and street. His mum wasn't very pleased and shut the door on his face. Then finally Finns mother new but although she knew, she thought it was a dog not wolf......  
[Read the full book to find out what happens!]

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Susan Brocker has written more books like restless spirit, saving Sam, dreams of warriors, Anzac horses and brave bess. Susan lives in New Zealand she has lots of pets like her dog.
You can buy this Wolf in the wardrobe book here: The wolf in the wardrobe - Whitcoulls .

I give this book a rating of 5 out of 5 stars!  

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  1. Nice Samuel. That makes me want to read the wolf in the wardrobe 1000 times.