Tuesday, 7 May 2013

John Roil

John Roil is a very outdoors man, he goes on a lot of tramps and bush walks. He is very adventurous.

if you ever get lost stay put and don't go out because searches will look a mile away, so stay in the safe zone.

John has heaps of equipment. He packs appropriate things and manages his pack very well. He takes equipment such as 2 plastic bags, woolen shirts, first aid kit, comfortable shoes, a water bottle, bivvy bag, windbreaker, gas bottle, big wool socks, shelter, a map, a tent, a sleeping bag, a raincoat and some food in a bily.

There are rules about bush walks and tramping. There is a code known as the five outdoor safety code. Plan your trip, tell someone, be aware of the weather, know your limits and take sufficient supplies.

John had lots of training and also worked in the army force. So that means he is well experienced

N E S W: this is the directions of a compass. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west
The moos always is south too. These help you if you are lost and have no searches looking for you and if you're really lost.

There are also been situations that John has had to use STAR (stop, think, assess, respond)
These are very helpful in the bush.

He also told us to start of with really packed and warm clothes and the as you start to get hotter take the layers off.

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