Monday, 8 April 2013

Glow worms

Glow worms:

The life cycle of a glow worm has four stages and takes about eleven months.

The female fly lays around 120 small eggs. Within 20 days the young larvae hatch out of their eggs and then crawl away.

Glow worms live in caves and only can survive in damp areas.

Glow worms eat like a spider. They catch alive insects. There is not much Variety in a cave for food. Small midges are the main food. They use a long silk fishing line with sticky droplets. It is a very good way of catching food.

A Glow worm never glows during the day hours. Glow worms have a organ that works like our kidneys, it is called a light organ.

Cave Weta do not feed on glow worms. They are normally eaten by a harvestman spider, they are a successful glow worm hunter.

We really don't know how how glow worms got to New Zealand.

This is the order of the life cycle:
1. The glow worms are the first eggs
2. then they turn into glow worm
3. Next they are pupa
4. then they are adult fly.

So if you see a glow worm don't hurt or kill it because they are endangers and do not harm us.

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  1. Great work Sam, learned a lot about glow worms. & You're right they don't deserve to be harmed or killed.