Tuesday, 7 May 2013

My favorite thing in the holidays.

Bye see you in a couple of hours! I say to my mum as we walk into the movies. It has been a long time since we have been to the movies. It is nice and cool in the foyer of the Havelock movies, I think they have air conditioning. “wto tickets for iron man 3! please”, Ethan says in excitement. “Umm do you have shoes here” The Lady says behind her desk to Ethan.
No, Ethan says. I was a little embarrassed, then decided to nudge him on the shoulder but the lady voice cut me off: “Well you need to make sure you bring shoes next time because we can get sued. Like when you walk up the steps or if you accidentally step on litter like glass.” “ OK” Ethan says, sounding like he doesn't really care that much. We lean closer to ask for some food.

“can I please get a toblerone and a kit kat.”, I say, waiting for her to take my money i put on the counter. “ ummm can i get.....” Ethan's voice fades as I start heading to the Hall way. After a few seconds he comes rushing like a little boy that's getting ditched. We have our heads high observing the signs above the doors for a sign that says Iron Man 3. I push open a Big bright red door, no squeak no nothing, as if they just put the door in an hour ago.

We walk up the steps trying to think of a good seat. Finally we find a spot one. I walk down the ile and pound my but on a seat, Ethan follows. I sit my food in the drink holder just like Ethan. Arghhhh. The seats were kind of comfy I have sat in better ones before but I was just looking forward to the movie. My eyes glued to the giant pounding screen as if it was stuck to my eyes!

The movie starts finally with a loud arghhh, then I realise its just an advertisement. Parana, it looked quite scary to me and Ethan.
2 hours later..........
“That was a great movie, it was cool how it had those helicopters and they blew up Tony house” I say in excitement, to Ethan! Ethan was also astonished how expensive the tickets were.
HI MUM! ......

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  1. Very Exciting and interesting story Samuel ! Hopefully Ethan remembers his shoes next time