Saturday, 28 April 2012

Monday morning

Well the first day of school, the holidays had gone as I looked at the dark wall where my Star Wars poster was. It was all quiet as just then I heard mum doing the dishwasher clank, tink, ting, oh, mum always doing house work early in the morning. I pulled the covers off me and dropped to the floor and I went to my drawers. I got my t-shirt, shorts and all the rest, I felt like I wanted to go bungee jumping my legs were so stiff. I went down the hall, I felt cold. I had rice bubbles for breakfast. Then I said bye to my dad and said have a nice day as my sister, my mum and I  hopped into the Holden V8, mum reversed down the driveway she drove to school we had to stop at the Eastend Four Square to get an apple for brain food, so I hopped out of the car with 50 Cents out of my bag I walked in and looked for an apple. There I saw a apple so I grabbed it and went up to the counter,
“Forty cents please”. I got my 50 cents out and gave it to the lady, she gave me ten cents change. I got in the car again, away we go,  mum dropped me in the cul de sac. I got my bag said by to my mum and my sis  I ran down the end of the cul de sac so I didn't miss the signs. I got to the signs just in time they went out and I walked across the crossing, put my bag on the hook , put my my laptop on my table. Then I went to the gate to wait for my best friend Matthew.   


  1. Neat personal experience writing, Samuel.

    You choose strong nouns and verbs to describe the details really well.

  2. Awesome story Sam it really sounds like your

    Well done