Thursday, 6 June 2013

My favorite thing at camp Kiatawa - Onepoto caves

My favorite thing at camp Kaitawa was the Onepoto caves. It was so fun! Because I had never experienced that!

The track starts of with a gentle 10 minute climb, through a number of rocky outcrops and overhangs. There is a lookout point along the ridge that has a clear view of the stratified layers of rock comprising the “intact block” of rock that's slide down from the Ngamoko range.
Distance: 2km
Time: 2hr return
Simply put, caves are made by water. But, water alone could never make the incredible formations found in caves. It’s actually a chemical reaction. As a plant and animal matter decays in the top level of soil, it releases carbon dioxide gas. Water seeping through reacts with this gas to form weak carbonic acid. As carbonic acid dissolves the solid limestone; a chemical reaction causes it to dissolve even more limestone. about 25 times more than it would dissolve in water alone. The limestone-water drips through the cavern, the carbon dioxide evaporates and the calcium carbonate that is left forms stalactites and stalagmites we see in caves.

What, when, where, who, why
I really liked because I have never been in a cave before and I was amazed by the terrain and how big the holes and big drops were.

Next time
Next time I would like to go on more bigger caves and ones that go deeper and then go out. I also wish next time we could go on ones that have more types of insects and things like bats and rats.

Conclusion - summary

I had so much fun and really enjoyed experiencing these opportunities. I went  out of my comfort zone a little bit and I would love to go again!

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